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By visiting any of the blogs on this list, you will be able to accomplish great volunteering skills as well as stay up to date on all the latest volunteering work being done in the UK. These blogs are all based in the UK and provide details on non-profit organizations, charities, and volunteer work.

GVI Blog – gvi.co.uk/blog

GVI is a blog dedicated to informing those who want to volunteer or intern as helpers abroad. They focus on sustaining difference while enhancing personal and professional development for communities around the world. They have a mission of building a global network of community development volunteers with a passion for helping those in need.

Volunteering Matters Blog – volunteeringmatters.org.uk

Volunteering Matters is a leading UK volunteering agency in policy and practice. They develop and deliver high impact volunteer-led solutions across the UK. They strive to focus on the most difficult challenges that communities and individuals in the UK are facing. The blog was started in 2015 and posts regular updates on its community projects.

Indigo Volunteers – indigovolunteers.org/news

Indigo Volunteers was established in 2014 as a platform where volunteers in the UK can match themselves with the community and humanitarian projects. The online platform is not only meant for projects in the UK but internationally. They post frequent updates on the blog for volunteers to stay up to date on new projects and how communities are coming together to improve their quality of living.

Bexley Voluntary Service Council Blog

Bexley Voluntary Service Council Blog promotes voluntary and community action as a means of improving the quality of life for people in Bexley, UK. There are many ways in which you can volunteer to assist the community of Bexley. Visit this blog to find out about all their latest projects.

Involvement, Experience & Volunteering – involvementvolunteeringexperience.co.uk

This blog is based in Nottingham and is dedicated to keeping volunteers and charities up to date on community projects. They believe in changing livers, providing services, and getting involved with volunteering for community projects.

Visit any of the blogs on this list for more information on volunteering for community projects in the UK.