Top Non-Profit Companies in The UK For Community Project Funding

Top Non Profit Companies in The UK For Community Project Funding - Top Non-Profit Companies in The UK For Community Project Funding

For volunteers and charity groups looking to support their community and develop community projects getting funding is not as easy as it should be. The organizations on this list provide grants and funding to community projects that they believe will be beneficial to their communities.

These organizations are all based in the UK and focus on different types of community projects.

Awards for All

Awards for All - Top Non-Profit Companies in The UK For Community Project Funding

Awards for All is the UK based non-profit organization that awards grants between £300 and £10,00 to voluntary and community organizations who are running projects that enable individuals in the community to take part in art, heritage, and community activiit4es. They also have a large focus on providing grants for promoting education, the environment, and health in local UK communities.

Austin and Hope Pilkington

Austin and Hope Pilkington Charity Trust is an organization that provides funding for projects that relate to the elderly as well as medical grants. They provide long term solutions to community development volunteers that usually last up to a year.

The grants that are paid for up to a year can be between £1,000 and 10,000, depending on the benefits that the community will be achieving and the importance of these projects.

Educational Grants Advisory Service

Educational Grants Advisory Service helps students to take their first steps on the educational ladder. They mostly assist students who cannot receive funding from the government. They are focused on prioritizing the importance of lone parents, disabled students and parents, refugees, and people from communities that are in poverty.

Although they do not fund education, they help students to find the organizations who will fund them.

The Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust is an independent trust which supports volunteers and community groups to work in many parts of the UK. They mostly focus on smaller community-led organizations which work directly with the communities that are in need of assistance. They are all about positive changes and improving the quality of life, education, and health.

Alec Dickson Trust

The Alec Dickson Trust is the perfect non-profit organization for individuals looking to improve their community. The trust provides funding up to £500 for small projects by volunteers. Local community projects of this size can easily provide a food kitchen or temporary shelter for those in need.

The organizations on this list provide funding to passion projects that are being developed for the community to prosper through arts, health, water preservations, the environment, access to food, shelter, and other important issues. Even if a person has an idea for a once-off small project, some of these organizations can help with funding.